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Systematic Theology Midweek Kids Club Program

The Adventure Club curriculum prepares teachers to effectively teach kids the gospel through a systematic study of theology in the Scriptures inside of a high-energy kids club program.

A true systematic theology curriculum

Adapted from the book, Biblical Doctrine by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue, the Adventure Club curriculumcovers 9 essential topics, bringing deep theological concepts down to a basic understanding through teacher-led lessons, Scripture memory, and small groups.

An age-appropriate unified curriculum

Adventure Club is designed for kids from 3-12 years old and is set up as a unified curriculum, where all members of a family receive the same weekly lesson. This simplifies the responsibilities of the parents, enabling them to engage with all their children on the same central truth, memory verse, and theological application.

A teacher-driven curriculum

The Adventure Club curriculum differs from others used in children's ministry in that it doesn't provide pre-written lessons for teachers to recite. The Teacher Book provides a comprehensive commentary on the lesson, intended to provide deeper understanding and equip the teacher to effectively convey the message to the children. It is meant to enrich the teacher's knowledge and help them to internalize the truth, so they can teach from a place of personal study and reflection.

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A three-year cycle

Adventure Club kids will journey through 9 points of systematic theology in 3 years. They will cycle back through the material at a new age group, being reintroduced to the same lessons at a deeper level than before.

1st Year - God the Father, The Son, & The Holy Spirit

2nd year - Man, Sin, & Salvation

3rd year - The Church, The Bible, & The End Times

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God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

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Man, Sin, and Salvation

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The Church, The Bible, and the End Times

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