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More than 20 years ago the children’s ministry leaders and elders at Grace Community Church had a vision to create a God-centered children’s curriculum. This vision was born out of a collective desire to see God exalted to His rightful place as the Hero of every Bible story. Sadly, many curricula we encountered were man focused, story driven, or lacking biblical content.

Our vision also included the desire to teach the whole counsel of God in such a way that every child, no matter their age, would learn from the same passage of Scripture at a level they could understand and apply. This way every child—and every family—would be able to talk about the same Bible story each week, allowing everyone to contribute to the discussion and parents to keep track of the schedule from week to week. Finally, after evaluating our yearly expenditures on children’s curriculum, we were burdened to produce a resource that made wise use of the funds God had given to our church.

So in April 2002 we set out to do just that—create a God-centered, ministry minded curriculum that teaches the length and breadth of Scripture in a way that unites families and children of all ages around God’s word. Working with a team of over two dozen Sunday school teachers, parents, illustrators, editors, and elders, the first year of the curriculum was completed a year later and was immediately pressed into service in our own Sunday school department. This initial phase of testing—including 50 additional churches spread across the country and overseas—provided invaluable feedback even while the second year of the curriculum was still being written. 

Three years and 10,000 man hours later, the first edition of the curriculum was completed in September 2005. By 2006 the number of ministries using Generations of Grace had grown to over 400. Today, Generations of Grace is being used by over 2,200 churches, missionaries, and home schools scattered around the globe. 

Our vision for the future of Generations of Grace is just as strong as it was over 20 years ago. We are currently working on a revision of the curriculum that will greatly expand and enhance the original Generations of Grace curriculum, providing our teachers and parents with an even more effective tool for shepherding the next generation of little ones God brings into our churches and homes. While the core of the curriculum remains the same, the next edition of Generations of Grace will combine greater accessibility, full color illustrations, and numerous new resources to produce an even more effective tool in the lives of teachers, children, and parents.